About Us

We want to help you scare the bejeebus

out of people!

Haunt Hellions

Our team of decomposing developers, is ready and waiting to devour you..I mean your next project. We have been developing devilish delights online since 1998 in one industry or another, and now we have settled in on the one thing that makes us most happy, Halloween and Haunts! We may not be the oldest haunt web group out there, but we have many years of design, development and marketing experience. We love what we do, and we want to share our expertise and make your next event a huge success! With industry professionals and certified media buyers, we are dying to make your next haunt a hugely terrifying event.

Our Story

Our story is a familiar one, we are a group of friends, we all grew up in the 80's, love Halloween, and all things scary. I know, it is sounding a lot like Stranger Things, but without the demon from another dimension. We grew up on the Twilight Zone, Alfred Hitchcock, all the 80's slasher flicks... well pretty much all genres of horror actually. As kids we would find reasons to dress in costumes, we wished monsters were real, and loved our local towns Halloween festival. All the neighbors in a huge area would decorate and go all out; and man was it incredible. It was called Spooksville! I remember the Topstone Horror Sounds of the Night tape playing on 80s cassette decks as we approached the different houses, wondering what sort of creature would jump out next. Halloween for us wasn't so much about the candy as it was the atmosphere, the scares, the fun and the memories. Now as adults we have all decided to get some of that back by building designs for spooky attractions, haunts, and escape rooms. We may be the new kids on the block, but we are not newbies to web development, marketing, and design. We have a combined 100+ years experience in the tech world. That's like having your own corpse working for you, but way more productive, and useful! We promise to make you something that will get scary good results, and make your next haunt a success.

The Hellions

Meet some of the members of the HauntCoders crew.

We want to build your next haunt website

and marketing campaign!



Travis "The Axeman"

With over 20 years in both marketing and web development, Travis is the founder of HauntCoders, and is one of the resident killers. Hacking away till he gets the job done.



Kent "The Dev-ourer"

Kent "The Dev-ourer" is one of our lead decomposing developers. A real foodie, Kent loves the partially rotted flesh of innocent victims, and a good book.



Lady J

We call her Lady J, and she is our art director here at HauntCoders. With a background in zombie costumes, and several degrees in graphic design and merchandising, she is a real killer!