Haunted Attraction Web Design

We specialize in web design for haunted attractions, and haunt related industries. If you need a website for your next haunted attraction or a webstore for your haunted goods, or even something for your next escape room or dinner murder mystery, HauntCoders can build you something that will have them racing for the door, and to your event. They will be dying to get in, and we will slay them with a beautifully terrifying web design. And most importantly, we will make sure it works. So hire HauntCoders for your next Haunt website design needs!


Haunted Attraction Graphic Design

We will do graphic design for haunted attractions, haunted events, escape rooms, parties etc.. Whatever your haunt graphic needs we will make them shiver with fear and excitement! With our team of graphic artists led by Lady J, we will make sure your next event gets the guts, gore, and graphics it deserves. So if you need graphic design for haunts, then consider HauntCoders for your event!


Haunted Attraction Marketing

Need marketing for your next haunted attraction or haunt event? HauntCoders will have them rising from their graves to make it to your event. We will construct such an effective marketing campaign for your event, that you may even be terrified by our spooktacular results! We have certified media buyers for multiple platforms on our marketing team, and we can get your haunt event in front of all the right people in your market. We know the who and the where, let HauntCoders run an effective marketing campaign for your next event!


Interactive marketing experiences

Hauntcoders can create an immersive and interactive experience for your attraction. We offer phone services with customizable numbers, messages, and menus. But wait that’s not all! Continue the experience with messages and texts sent directly to your customers!  Your users can interact with your attraction’s own mascot on your website! We will build you a hauntbot with a personality that matches your brand! The possibilities are endless! Our chatbots can answer all the questions your customers want to know. Create an engaging, memorable experience with hauntbot!